MyBoozy is an awesome way to keep your beer cold and your hand warm.


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MyBoozy is an idea born at the beach, perfected in the mountains, and taken to the streets!! Let's be both fashionable and smart with our drinking! Never again confuse your delicious beer with Joe-Shmo's nasty swill! Never again drop your beer in a crowded bar or packed concert! Those drinks are extremely pricey and can add up! MyBoozy can protect those nightly investments. Prevent such bone-headed tomfoolery with MyBoozy. You won't be disappointed. 


MyBoozy is made with only the finest, crazy kick ass high quality yarn. Guaranteed.


How have you been living so long without one of these attached to your hand?

MyBoozy offers comfort, style, and safety to your drinking experience.

100% Handmade

MyBoozy is made by the loving hands of crochet enthusiasts.

Too Legit To Knit. Boom.

Crocheting rocks.

Want more fiber in your life? MyBoozy.

Let's get a little Knotty

With necessity comes innovation…


Crochet ‘til my hands bleed
— Sunny Nickel
Never lose a game of Bull Moose again!
— That guy, that one time