Frequently Asked Questions

Am I invincible when with MyBoozy? Because I feel that way.

We understand you that MyBoozy can make you feel pretty awesome and sometimes invincible. However, we must remind you that despite these feelings, you are still human, albeit a magnificent human.


How is MyBoozy made? Did some delightful Elves craft this?

Each MyBoozy is handcrafted with extreme care and love by *human* crochet enthusiasts. They are unfortunately not made by Elves. I know MyBoozy may seem magical, but alas, it is of this world, and we must accept this.


Why doesn't MyBoozy that I ordered look exactly like the one in the picture?

Each MyBoozy is made individually, by hand. This means that each MyBoozy is a unique little snowflake and no two look exactly the same. This means that your little unicorn can run free amongst the clouds and soar with it's wings spread wide, and with all assurance know that it is an original.


Is MyBoozy Washable?

Yes! Absolutely. Throw it in with your other delicates in the washing machine. Yarn can be a bit fussy, though, so avoid putting it though the dryer... better to air dry that bad boy.


Can I Customize MyBoozy? I need to have my favorite sports team's colors involved or no sale!

Alright, alright. settle down. I understand that one's home team can be one's life's blood. Because of this, here at MyBoozy we offer customizable templates for every occasion. Please shoot us an email in Contact Us, and we can make all of your wildest dreams come true.

How big is MyBoozy?

MyBoozy is created for 12oz Bottles and Cans. However, that does not mean it is limited to those sizes. The standard Boozy has the ability to stretch and shrink, and can adapt to most receptacles. In addition, please feel free to order smaller or larger customized Boozys! We have been known to make 40oz and Wine Bottle Boozys too. Whoa. I know. Mind Blown. Contact Us. Boom.


I live in Canada, is it possible to ship to the Great North?

Absolutely! We love Canadians and always will. 


Is MyBoozy like Fight Club, where no one is allowed to talk about it?

No! MyBoozy is nothing like Fight Club. Trust me, you will be the hit of the party with one of these things attached to your hand! Let everyone know how awesome it is, and where to get one. Each one is 100% unique and one-of-a-kind, so don't worry, no one will be trying to jack your steeze.


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